In Search Of The Pennant Hills

In Search Of The Pennant Hills
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In Search Of The Pennant Hills You are invited to the book launch
In Search of the Pennant Hills
A History of the settlements known as Pennant Hills on the Pennant Hills Range 1788 to 1906

This book provides a thoroughly researched history of the Pennant Hills which stretch from the Parramatta River to the modern-day suburb. It spans the suburbs Ermington, Dundas, Carlingford, West Pennant Hills, Castle Hill, Cherrybrook and Thornleigh, and tells the little-known story of this Sydney region and the people who shaped it. The book will provide an engrossing and useful addition to the library of anyone interested in this fascinating period in Australia's formative history. Illustrated with black & white and colour photographs, and 24 specially created maps, it is fully referenced and indexed in 208 pages with a hardback cover.

Included are stories of

  • The Castle Hill Rebellion, which involved more people than the Eureka Stockade rebellion
  • The North Road to Hawkesbury River and the railways
  • Personalities such as Samuel Marsden, Dr John Savage and Elizabeth Macarthur and the influences they had on the early colony
  • Brush Farm and the early wine industry
  • The growth of timbergetting, mining and orchard industries
  • and much more

Launch Date: Sunday 29th July 2007 in the Pennant Hills Community Centre. Orders now accepted.

Promotions: The first 100 copies sold are pre-signed by the authors.

Authors Trevor Patrick, James Symes and Andrew Tink will be present at the launch.