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Please read the Frequently Asked Questions here below if you need help.

Q: How can I order a book?
A: Click on the Books link and then choose the book you are interested in. Beneath that book's link in the navigation bar is a link which has a printable black & white order form. Print that form and follow the instructions.

Q: Does postage include packaging?
A: Yes, but you must multiply postage by the number of copies. We ship each copy separately. If you want us to ship several copies in the same parcel you can ask us to do that, but there's no guarantee it'll be any cheaper. If it is, we'll refund you the difference.

Q: If I order several books, can you send them each to different locations?
A: Sure, this is no problem. Just print multiple copies of the order form or write on the back, making clear how many copies go to each destination.

Q: What's the conversion rate to Australian dollars?
A: I'm sorry, we can't help you there. You'll need to enquire at your bank to find out how to send us the money.

Q: Why don't you have an online ordering system?
A: We decided to use the postal service. We're not convinced the internet is a safe place to be typing your credit card details. We're not big enough to offer a properly secure system but the post is pretty good.

Q: Do you have an email address?
A: Try emailing sales@hillstory.com.au. If that doesn't work for some reason, look at the Discussion area and follow the instructions there.