December 1809

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Monday next being CHRISTMAS DAY, the ration of Fresh Beef will be issued to Civil and Military Establishments. [Sydney Gazette number 312 – December 24, 1809]

On Thursday, arrived from England, after a passage of about eight months, His Majesty’s Ships Dromedary of 40, Captain Pascoe, and Hindostan of 50 guns, Captain Pritchiti, having on board the first Battalion of the 73rd Regiment of Foot.

Mary Reibey on the Australian $20 note
Mary Reibey on the Australian $20 note

To be Let, together or separate, and entered on in March next, Two adjoining Farms down the River at Hawkesbury, known by the name of Reibey’s Farms; lying and situate between Cobcraft’s and Roberts’s – Apply to Mrs Reibey.

In the Hindostan have arrived His Excellency Governor M’Quarie and Lady; and Ellis Bent Esq, Judge Advocate, and Lady; and in the Dromedary Lieutenant Governor O’Connell, Lieutenant Colonel of the Regiment.

As soon as the vessels were within the Heads Colonel Foveaux waited on His Excellency on board to compliment him on his safe Arrival; His Honor Lieutenant Governor Paterson arrived from Parramatta the same evening.

[Sydney Gazette number 313 – December 31, 1809]

Governor Lachlan Macquarie
Governor Lachlan Macquarie

Trevor Patrick is a local historian of the north-west of Sydney, Australia. His latest book, In Search of the Pennant Hills, recounts some of these stories (and others) in more detail.