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Trevor Patrick, historian and author, has written a series of short articles about the history of Sydney's north-west. You can find many of the articles here. Some are also appearing in local magazines and newspapers, but a few are unique to this site.

  1. Aberdoon House 1887 by Jilly Warren
  2. Aboriginal Art along the Great North Road
  3. All Aboard the Steam Tram
  4. Art in the Hills
  5. Australia taken by surprise
  6. Australia's Favourite Drink
  7. Beautiful Gothic-style Church in the Australian Bush
  8. Bella Vista Farm
  9. Benedictine Abbey in West Pennant Hills
  10. Benedictine Order in Parramatta
  11. Bushrangers hid in caves in the Northern Rocks
  12. Castle Hill Coffee
  13. Castle Hill Rebellion
  14. Castle Hill Rebellion March 4 1804
  15. Charles Darwin's Visit to Australia (Part 1)
  16. Charles Darwin's Visit to Australia (Part 2)
  17. Conflict in the Colony
  18. Cows escape to the country!
  19. Dangar Island
  20. December 1809
  21. December: An Important Month In The Hills District
  22. Do You Believe in Ghosts?
  23. Do You Really Know Windsor?
  24. Does Beecroft Have Anything To Do With Beekeeping?
  25. Empire Night: A Cracker of a Night
  26. Exploring the southern skies
  27. Ginger Meggs: A Local Lad
  28. Going on a Summer Holiday?
  29. Governor Arthur Phillip: British Spy? (Part 1)
  30. Governor Arthur Phillip: British Spy? (Part 2)
  31. Governor Arthur Phillip: British Spy? (Part 3)
  32. Governor Lachlan Macquarie investigated the districts north of the Parramatta River
  33. Governor Lachlan Macquarie visited the Pennant Hills region
  34. Granny Smith's Apples
  35. HMAS Parramatta II
  36. Hills District Historical Society Museum
  37. How did Sydney get its name?
  38. How to peel an apple the easy way
  39. Joining a Local Historical Society
  40. Kenthurst – Annangrove War Memorial
  41. Kings Langley
  42. Lachlan Macquarie
  43. Ladies’ Cup
  44. Lest We Forget: Anzac Day
  45. Life and Death during the First Fleet
  46. Life and Death during the First Fleet Journey
  47. McGraths Hill
  48. Mercury, Medicine or Madness?
  49. Meteor Showers and Wolf Creek
  50. Mrs Elizabeth Macquarie
  51. Parramatta Signal Station
  52. Pennant Hills Sawmills
  53. Pennant Hills Wharf
  54. Pennant Hills timber used in Sydney buildings
  55. Political Assassination Attempt Remembered in Church Decoration
  56. Postcards were first used in Sydney in 1869
  57. Remembrance Day
  58. Santa comes to Pennant Hills
  59. Savage by name, gentle by nature
  60. Society Wedding for Bligh's daughter
  61. St Albans on the Macdonald River
  62. St Andrew’s Church, Richmond
  63. St John's Anglican Cathedral, Parramatta
  64. St Matthew's Anglican Church Windsor
  65. Sydney Harbour Bridge opened 19 March 1932
  66. Tebbutt Observatory, Windsor
  67. The Arms of Australia Inn Museum
  68. The Castle on the Hill
  69. The Colonial experiment that really worked!
  70. The Industrial Treasure Island of Sydney Harbour
  71. The Macquarie Towns
  72. The Pennant Hills Timber-getting Establishment
  73. The Pennantian Parrot
  74. The Red Wines of Parramatta
  75. The Worst Job in Colonial Sydney
  76. Thomas and Mary Reibey
  77. Thompson Square, Windsor
  78. Timber and Bullocks in Early Sydney
  79. Ultimo and the Ultimate Court Case
  80. Who Earns the Most Frequent Flyer Points?
  81. Who Really Started the Australian Wool Industry?
  82. Who named Trebor Road in Pennant Hills?
  83. Who was the Mystery Woman of Hambledon Cottage?
  84. Windsor's Watering Holes
  85. With All My Love - Souvenirs from France 1914-18

Trevor Patrick is a local historian of the north-west of Sydney, Australia. His latest book, In Search of the Pennant Hills, recounts some of these stories (and others) in more detail.