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Welcome to Hillstory. We specialise in bringing you interesting and innovative books with a historical and educational focus. Based in Sydney, Australia, we live in and around the Hills district, north-west of Sydney, hence our name Hillstory.

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April 2008: Let's Go Birdwatching was nominated for three awards at the 2008 Antenna Awards held in Melbourne's Federation Sqaure on April 24, 2008.

April 2008: In Search Of The Pennant Hills has won the Owen Nannelli Memorial Award for 2008. Trevor Patrick and Andrew Tink accepted the award, presented by Horsby Shire Council as part of its Heritage Awards ceremony on April 16, 2008. The history book earlier won a silver medal for "Print New South Wales Excellence Award 2007".

March 2008: Let's Go Birdwatching is now for sale as a DVD.

October 2007: We now have some historical feature articles written by Trevor Patrick available: Choose Articles from the navigation menu.

September 2007: In Search Of The Pennant Hills is now also available from The Children's Bookshop / Capella Bookshop opposite Beecroft Railway Station.

August 2007: In Search Of The Pennant Hills is now available from Westleigh Pharmacy as well as Pennant Hills Pharmacy.

July 2007: New release In Search Of The Pennant Hills is having its book launch in July! Check its link for details.

June 2007: TVS Channel 31 will be screening the four-part educational TV series Let's Go Birdwatching during June and July. It's all about birdwatching in and around Sydney, and discusses what binoculars to buy, which field guides are best, and how to birdscape your garden to attract more birds. The series creator is writing a book which will be available through this site. More details soon.

Illustrations on this site are used by permission of the authors. Monies are sent directly to the authors. Hillstory takes no commission.